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Liberty Community Sabbath Church

Welcome to the home page of the


We are a fellowship of true believers who endeavor to grow toward God’s moral excellence. Our beliefs are founded on the principles and doctrine of the first century Church of God. We work to live Christian lives of caring concern and service to one another. We know that Jesus left us an example when He laid His life down for us. We believe that it is a salvational issue that we learn how to likewise lay our lives down for one another (1 John 3:14,16).

The most important spiritual accomplishment for us in this life is the development of Godly Character. We point people to God – not to a man or an organization. In these precarious last days when so many people are just limping along spiritually, we should be "on fire" to live in accordance with God's highest standard. It is our desire that God’s Spirit guide us in all that we do.

God intends that all His people, who share in our common faith, be truly unified in His Spirit. Jesus prayed the night before He died that we would all be “one” with Him and the Father. The love and esteem that the Children of God demonstrate toward each other does extend far beyond group affiliations.